Man Convicted of Capital Murder in Texas in 1986 Arrested in Havre

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – A man convicted of capital murder in 1986 in Harris County, Texas was arrested in Havre earlier this month after allegedly brandishing a knife at another man at the landfill.

Scott Edward Moorman, 55, was sentenced to life in prison in 1986 after being convicted by a jury, and was received into the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on February 10th, 1987. Moorman was put on parole in June 2015.

According to Rachel Alderete, Director of Support Operations for the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, Moorman became eligible for parole in 2005. After four parole reviews, he was approved in April 2015 and released to supervision two months later. Reasons provided by the voting panel were “The record indicates participation in and completion of TDCJ-CID (Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Correctional Institutions Division) programs and activities in the individual treatment plan that should enhance chances to obtain and maintain full-time stable employment, and release to supervision.”

The murder is believed to have occurred on May 13th, 1985, according to court documents, which alleged that Moorman was attempting to commit robbery when he shot and killed a man by the name of Ronald Richardson, Jr.

In December 2021, a pre-revocation warrant for Moorman by the State of Texas’ Department of Criminal Justice, alleging that he “violated the terms, rules and/or conditions of administrative release, has lapsed or is about to lapse into criminal ways or company, or was ineligible for release and is hereby declared a fugitive from justice.”

New Media Broadcasters has requested more information regarding how Moorman may have violated his release conditions, and this story will be updated if more details come to light.

Moorman was arrested without incident in Havre and placed in custody at the Hill County Detention Center on May 12th and faces a pending felony assault with a weapon charge in Hill County District Court.

Moorman made an initial appearance in Hill County District Court on Monday for an extradition hearing. He is accused of being a fugitive from justice, and could be extradited back to Texas. Moorman is alleged to have violated the conditions of his release and to have fled from justice.

A status hearing has been scheduled for August 1st.

This post has been updated with comment from the Director of Support Operations for the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, as well as information on a pre-revocation warrant

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  1. Moorman also killed my 16 year daughter in that incident. He was convicted of two counts of Capital Murder to run concurrently. June 13 is her birth date. Moorman should never have been released and hopefully he will be reincarcerated before he kills again.

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