MDT Issues New Load Postings for People’s Creek Bridge

FORT BELKNAP, Mont. (NMB) – The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has issued new load postings for the People’s Creek Bridge, located on Montana Highway 66 19 miles south of Fort Belknap Agency.

The new posting on the bridge applies to Specialized Hauling Vehicles. It limits the maximum gross vehicle weight of single-unit vehicles with four, five, six or seven axles to 25 tons.

This comes after MDT issued a new posting on the White Bear Creek Bridge , located on Highway 66 nine miles south of Fort Belknap Agency, back in October. It applies to Specialized Hauling Vehicles and limits maximum gross vehicle weight of single-unit vehicles with six or seven axles to 31 tons.

Bridge weight restrictions are required when the engineering analysis of a bridge, known as a load rating, indicates that it cannot carry standard, legal loads.

Load ratings provide information about how much distributed weight can safely pass over a bridge.

A posted bridge is safe to use, but the weight of certain vehicles must be limited accordingly.

MDT is currently updating load ratings for 4,500 public bridges across the state, a process which is expected to take about four years to complete.

Courtesy of MDT

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