Montana to Modernize Drought Management Plan

HELENA, Mont. (NMB) – Governor Greg Gianforte has announced a new effort to improve drought and water supply planning in the state.

Montana’s Drought Management Plan was approved back in 1995, and Gianforte says it will be updated thanks to support from a new federal grant.

A press release says that the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) will spend the next two years updating the plan, adding that it will increase preparedness to meet current and future drought-related challenges across a wide range of water users in the state.

The Bureau of Reclamation awarded DNRC a $200,000 grant for this effort, and that will be matched by $100,000 in funds from the state Legislature and in-kind DNRC staff time.

The Planning Section within the Water Management Bureau is coordinating the resources, stakeholders, and collaboration required to complete the update.

The planning effort will involve substantial input and direction from stakeholders, including agency leadership, technical experts, impacted water users, and members of the public. The Governor’s Drought and Water Supply Committee, composed of agency leadership, will participate in the update of the Drought Management Plan and provide general oversight during the planning process.

Visit the Montana DNRC Drought Website for more information.

Courtesy of the State of Montana

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