Montana University System Announces Free ACT Tests for Students This Fall

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Montana University System announced Tuesday, March 24 that they will provide free ACT tests for students this fall.

Before COVID-19, most high school juniors would take ACT tests in the spring semester, but this year, they will now have the opportunity take the tests their senior year.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen said, “In this time of uncertainty, Montana students, families and educators should be focused on their health and safety not fulfilling standardized test requirements. I am pleased that Montana high school students who wish to take the ACT in pursuit of post-secondary education will have the opportunity to take it free of charge this fall.”

Students will have the ability to take the initial ACT test October 6 with a makeup test to be held October 20. Testing will also take place November 3 but this is reserved for emergencies only.

Montana Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton T. Christian said, “The Montana University System provides all high school juniors the opportunity to take the ACT so that all are able to apply for college and that’s even more important in these challenging times. Rather than allow the test to be canceled, my office worked directly with the ACT organization to reschedule the exam for this fall. Students who wish to take the test over the summer may do so but must cover their test fees and make their own travel arrangements to visit a test center. By rescheduling the test to a regular school day in October, we’ve made sure that travel and cost are not a barrier. This is a critical part of our mission to provide all Montanans the opportunity to pursue education after high school.”

Since 2016 Montana has considered the ACT their standardized test for students in high school. The ACT is funded by the Montana University System and managed by the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

For more information visit the Montana Office of Public Instruction’s website.

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