Mosquitoes Expected to Hatch Following Recent Rain

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – With over an inch of rain recorded so far this month and warmer weather forecast, the potential for the increased presence of mosquitoes looms.

With that in mind, Hill County Weed and Mosquito District Coordinator Terry Turner provides several tips to prevent localized mosquito infestations.

“Empty out anything that holds water. Then make sure you change the bird baths and make sure used tires are disposed of properly. Don’t let them lay around the yard. Just make sure there is no standing water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in and then they hatch out when the weather gets warmed up. With the colder weather, it takes about 28 days for them to hatch out. But with the warm weather, if it gets above 70 degrees, they can hatch out in 3-5 days.”

Turner says his crews have already started applying pellets to areas that have mosquito larvae present and there have not been many reported mosquito sightings so far this spring. He says that crews will likely begin fogging around mid-June.

“It’s easier to treat them in the water before they get up into the air,” Turner says.

Turner also says that ticks have been sighted throughout Hill County this spring, and recommends everyone check themselves and their pets for ticks after recreating outside.

He also says that recent rain could lead to invasive weeds popping up throughout the area, so he urges people to stay on the lookout.

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