MSU-Northern Spring Season Update

The spring football season is ongoing for MSU-Northern. This is the period in which the players who are already in the program have gone through strength and conditioning and application of a new philosophy on the field three days a week since the start of the month.

New Media Broadcasters caught up with head coach Jerome Souers and senior offensive lineman Jesus Raygoza and they shared one of the more important aspects that has brought the team newfound life ahead of the 2024 season.

“We’re really excited about seeing their strength and conditioning over the last two and a half months show up on the field,” Souers said. “We are stronger, we are faster, (and) more physical, which was a huge goal of ours in the offseason. We enter spring much better physically prepared.”

“I think with a new coaching staff and the new help around the staff, (it) took a turn,” Raygoza said. “Especially (Strength and Conditioning coach Colter Szymoniak).”

“He’s done a lot more research in what can help us get bigger, better, faster and stronger,” Raygoza continued. “I like that.”

Raygoza also talked about the close relationships he has been able to make with his teammates. This is the largest group of talent that has been able to partake in spring practices in a number of years and he has been grateful to be part of the family that this team has built.

“We have a team that’s got more bond,” Raygoza said. “We’ve kept more guys now on the team, especially up front, that do everything together.”

“I think (there’s) just a different mindset of, ‘We’re going to pound the rock and we’re going to run to stop,'” Raygoza continued. “After that, we’re going to pull something out of our sleeves. That’s what it is; competitiveness.”

Northern has been promoting a “spring scrimmage” for Saturday. When asked about what would happen, Coach Souers offered some caution to what exactly would transpire for people to watch.

“I know we say ‘scrimmage’ and we’re hoping that we can, but we’re not unless we’re ready,” Souers said. “We’re progressing as the team is able to execute.”

“We don’t want to go out there and run things that we’re not ready to run,” Souers continued. “We’ve been really getting better fundamentally.”

“That’s the key to spring is develop (our) fundamental skills, keep the scheme simple, and let the guys come out and knock off the rust,” Souers said.

The MSU-Northern spring football scrimmage will be held on Saturday at 1pm from Tilleman Field.

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