NAMI Mental Health Classes

NAMI Havre offers classes to educate people on various mental illnesses. Crystal Laufer the Nami Havre founder explains the different classes that are offered.

“Family to family is family members that are dealing with mental illness in their family. It’s their loved one or their friend and they want to know more about their illnesses, we teach it, and it’s a lot of information. It’s an eight-week class. Peer to peer is for people that are dealing with it in their lives, mental illness, and it’s a class so they can understand what they’re going through.” -Crystal Laufer

Crystal continues to explain what NAMI is working on currently.

“We are talking with our state office. They’re just training us in the same classes, and maybe next year they’ll have some new ones for us to start taking.” -Crystal Laufer

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