NMH Conducting Mammograms on Saturday, March 13th to Help Reduce Backlog

Noreen Peterson with the new Mammography Machine. Photo courtesy of Northern Montana Hospital.

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Due to recent lockdowns, Northern Montana Hospital has had their mammogram wait list backlogged.

In an attempt to clear the backlog, NMH will be offering mammograms on Saturday, March 13th.

All mammograms are conducted with NMH’s new Selena Dimensions 3D mammography machine, which offers the radiologist multiple angles of views. It uses hologic 3D mammography technology to reduce scan time and produce more accurate results.

The American Cancer Society recommends women should have the choice to start annual mammograms between ages 40-44; but should have annual mammograms from ages 45-53, and then bi-annual mammograms from then on.

To schedule a mammogram with NMH, call 262-1218.

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