North Central Montana Suffering from Lack of Childcare Providers

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Childcare specialists in north central Montana are voicing their concern about a lack of childcare providers in the area.

Tammy Phelps is the Lead Professional Development Specialist at Family Connections, which services 13 counties from Hill County to the North Dakota border. She says in this area, a total of only 59 childcare programs exist.

“Often times, programs don’t have openings. I hear day in and day out about programs where (providers say), ‘I get called every day, I don’t have anymore slots. I can’t take any more kids.’ So I hear that all the time.”

Phelps says Family Connections is working to recruit new childcare providers.

“Through our ongoing training and whatnot, we share information community-wide about the need for care and the opportunities that are available for childcare providers to become licensed and serve those families.”

Those interested in becoming a childcare provider can contact Family Connections at 761-6010.

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