Northern Montana Health Care Congratulates the Hi-Line’s COVID-19 Fight

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) –Northern Montana Health Care congratulates the Hi-Line on taking the necessary precautions during COVID-19 and invites everyone to stay hopeful and to keep the faith.

Family Medicine Dr. Karrie Lien says, “this is nothing more than a viral blizzard. What do we do when there’s six inches of snow per hour, 50 mile an hour winds, power outages and frozen pipes? We make sure we have enough to keep us warm, fed and entertained until it blows over. We make do, we do without and we make sure our neighbor is okay. We are not panick-ers by nature.”

Lien says our communities are currently taking the correct steps and we just have to be patient to see the positive results. Lien urges everyone to hunker down and, before we know it, our businesses, activities, gatherings and places of education will be up and running again.

“Keep the faith. We are doing the right thing. Waiting to prove that is hard, especially when other people are unconcerned, mobile and oblivious. If you have any doubts, Google Italy and Seattle. Look at the pictures. We will not be them, we will learn from them and be ready.”

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