Northern Montana Health Care Receives Hundreds of Face Masks, Now Asking for PPE

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Over the weekend, Northern Montana Health Care asked local residents to sew face masks to add to their emergency stockpile.

The community delivered, with hundreds of face masks being sent to the hospital over the past few days, including 300 coming from Gildford Colony.

Now, the hospital is asking people for donations of other personal protective equipment, such as suits, booties, hoods, gloves and safety glasses/goggles. They are also asking for people to sew gowns.

These gowns will be able to be reused, but they will not be used for surgical procedures.

Those with donations can bring them to the 2nd floor Emergency Department doors at Northern Montana Hospital. They will then be sanitized and stored in case of emergency.

Please place you name, address and phone number on donations so that they can be returned if they go unused.

For instructions on how to make gowns, visit Northern Montana Hospital’s Facebook page.

If you have questions, contact Laura Thornton at 262-1557 or email

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