Northern Rodeo Poised for Better Team Effort in Miles City

The MSU-Northern Rodeo teams are coming off of a fifth-place finish at the MSU Spring Rodeo over the weekend, but were able to feed off of notable individuals who made the rounds in Bozeman. Head coach Doug Kallenberger told New Media Broadcasters that junior Chance Story’s performance was one that moved him because of the man behind the rodeo.

“(Chance) had an accident his freshman year that cost half the season,” Kallenberger said. “Last year, he was still just trying to get through some stuff and had some horses that weren’t at the top of their game.”

“To see Chance do what he did down there in Bozeman was really cool,” Kallenberger continued. “He had a great showing and won overall.”

Even though Chance was a standout, that doesn’t mean that everyone else rose to the occasion. Kallenberger said that the team has been going back to basics this week in preparation for the next rodeo, which will be held at Miles City Community College.

“Regrouping, taking it back to simple basics, not over pressuring,” Kallenberger said. “Have fun. Don’t forget your process, especially for the girls who have multiple events.”

“Also, having a short memory. If something doesn’t go good and it’s one of your events, forget about it (and) move on (and) go to the next one,” Kallenberger continued.

“Miles City is going to be the same way as Bozeman was down there,” Kallenberger said. “It’ll be four rodeos along with Short Go over the course of four days. It’s a long four days down there. Stay loose and enjoy the rodeo.”

The Miles City College rodeo is scheduled to take place from Thursday to Sunday.

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