Phase One of Bullhook Storm Drain Project Nearly Complete

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The first phase of the Bullhook Storm Drain Project is nearly complete.

Havre Public Works Director Dave Peterson says during phase one, crews have been working on areas in town where concrete or metal culverts were starting to fail.

“So we went into these areas and replaced the culverts. We did it over on 2nd Street, we did it over on 6th Avenue, and we did it over on 4th Avenue between 9th and 10th Street.”

Peterson says all that remains for phase one to be complete is a few punch-list items.

“Things like maybe they have to fix a crack in one of the concrete walls or they have to fix a fence or they have to make sure we have (cameras in) all the sewer services. Things like that. They are not real big items. The project itself is done, it is in working order.”

This comes after the original contractor, Kincaid, walked off the project in the fall of 2016. Peterson says Havre won the arbitration process and that the new contractor, local company Lakeside Excavation, has stepped up to the plate.

Peterson says the total cost of phase one is around $2 million, which the city will begin paying this year with annual payments to the State Revolving Fund.

As for future phases of the project, Peterson says those are not nearly as urgent and will be worked on over the coming years.


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