Phillips talks on the importance of the Havre Airport.

(Havre) The Havre Airport plans to ask for a mill levy during this round of ballots, with the hope that the local money can keep the airport federally funded. The costs will cover 90 percent of the airport’s funding if they can come up with 10 percent of it locally.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Jake Phillips, a member of the board of directors for the Havre City/County Airport, who spoke on the Havre Airports importance in the community.

“Well a huge deal would be the essential air service, cape air operates out of Havre Airport terminal building up there. As I said, there’s 6,000 passengers a year that come in and out of the airport up there. As well as, the med-evac flights; like I said 500 med-evac flights a year out of the Havre airport. So, that’s huge to the health of the public”

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