Port of Wild Horse Not Moving to Summer Hours

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Although pandemic-related restrictions at ports of entry between the U.S. and Canada have loosened, the hours of operation at the Port of Wild Horse are not changing.

Prior to the pandemic, the port operated from 8 AM-9 PM during the summer season, which stretches from May 15th-September 30th. However, an official at the port tells New Media Broadcasters that they will remain at their normal hours of 8 AM-5 PM for the foreseeable future.

The phone message received when dialing up the port and asking for operation hours still says they will be moving to summer hours beginning May 15th, but that is in error and officials are attempting to correct that.

Sweetgrass Port Director Mark W. Hanson provided New Media Broadcasters with the following statement:

CBP is continuously evaluating its workload, staffing, operating costs, and traffic volume at all POEs.  CBP’s adjustment in hours is based upon a reduction in privately owned vehicle and pedestrian traffic along our northern border, and CBP’s obligation to utilize all available resources responsibly to perform our mission of safeguarding the homeland.  CBP will maintain the current hours of operation until further notice.

In addition, the seasonal Port of Chief Mountain, which connects Glacier and Waterton National Parks, will remain closed for now.

Travelers into Canada are required to fill out information in the ArriveCAN app prior to arrival at a port of entry, including their COVID-19 vaccination information.

This post has been updated to include a statement from Sweetgrass Port Director Mark Hanson

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