Programs Offered in Havre to Get People Home Safe New Year’s Eve

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – New Year’s Eve is coming up and there are several programs available in Havre to make sure that people can get home safely. Two of these programs operate year-round, but Hi-Line Tavern Association President Tom Farnham says they like to remind people of these programs this time of year. The Taxi Coupons provide people with a ride home.

“Just ask your bartender for a Taxi Coupon. And with that Taxi Coupon, that will get you a ride home for free. If there is more than one in your party, each additional one will have to pay only a dollar to get you home safely.”

Farnham stresses that the Taxi Coupons and Designated Driver Ticket programs operate all year long.

“Those are all the time. So, even on your weekends or whenever you go out and have a cocktail. Don’t be scared to ask for one. Like I said, it’s a great deal. If you are just being responsible and driving your friends around, you got a chance to win $50.”

The Designated Driver Ticket program provides sober drivers with free non-alcoholic drinks, as well as cards that enter them into a drawing.

There are also two groups are volunteering to drive people home after a night on the town. Farnham says Havre Ford will be giving free rides to anywhere in Havre between 5 PM and 2:30 AM on New Year’s Eve.

“That number is 265-1700 and they will take you from bar to bar, from the bar to your home, where ever you may want to go, but only in town. And, once again, please drive responsibly and make sure that you get home safely.”

Farnham says that another group of Havre businesses also got together to offer rides home.

“Another program out there is A Free Ride Home brought to you this year by Empire PC Shop, Milk River Coffee and Stan’s Pawn. And that number to call for just a ride home only is 390-6061.”

Farnham encourages people to have a good time celebrating the new year, but he urges people to be responsible and use one of the programs available to get home safely.


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