Public Asked to Report Swift Fox Sightings

FORT BELKNAP, Mont. (NMB) – Researchers studying the reintroduction of the swift fox on the Fort Belknap Reservation are asking the public to report any sightings of the animal in southern Phillips, Blaine, and Valley Counties to help fill in the gaps on where these animals are settling.

Swift foxes are much smaller than most foxes, have black tails, weigh an average of five pounds and have a dark patch on either side of their muzzle that is not seen in coyotes.

The ongoing reintroduction of the swift fox on the Reservation began in 2020. To date, 75 swift foxes have been moved into the region, with many remaining close to release areas and settling in prairie habitat. However, researchers are seeking help from the public as they search for signs that they are reproducing.

Observations can be shared through an online survey ( or by contacting PH. D. student Dana Nelson (316-207-4092,

Please keep your distance from den sites to avoid disturbing new families.

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