Pyramid Mountain Lumber ships final delivery

(KPAX – Missoula) Due to domino effect circumstances, Pyramid Mountain Lumber in Seeley Lake is closing it’s doors.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the company faced higher day to day costs. In order to increase production Pyramid Mountain needed a workforce boost. Not enough people were available for hire, and with the labor shortage, production was unsustainable.

Pyramid Mountain Lumber was in operation for 75 years, and was the main employer in Seeley Lake. The closure brings uncertainty to many of their employees. One worker putting in 47 years at Pyramid Mountain plans to retire. Another hopes to remain in the area, either finding a new job locally, or gaining remote employment.

Company President Todd Johnson took the final delivery to the mill, and saw the final load as a means of celebration of support for the mill from the community.

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