Results of Opening Weekend at Havre Check Station Released

HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Last weekend marked the start of the general deer and elk hunting season, and the number of hunters that went to the Havre check station was a bit below average.

There were 131 hunters in 73 parties checked last weekend, down 35 percent from last year and 41 percent below the long-term average.

Mule deer harvest was down from last year, with 31 bucks and 10 does brought through, 30 percent below the long-term average.

16 white-tailed deer were harvested, up slightly from last year and about the same as the long-term average.

This was the third weekend the check station was open, as they began collecting data on October 10th when the pheasant and general antelope season opened.

Over the last three weeks, 550 hunters have checked in, down eight percent from last year and 15 percent below the long-term average.

Antelope, pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge harvests are all below the long-term averages, but antelope and Hungarian partridge harvest numbers are above last year’s numbers.

This harvest data includes only animals brought through the Havre check station. It is only a partial representation of the region-wide harvest.

Hunters are required by law to stop as directed at all designated check stations on their way to and from hunting, even if they have no game to be checked.

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