Sarah Johnson Hired as Extension Agent for Blaine County

CHINOOK, Mont. (NMB) – Blaine County Extension Office has hired Sarah Johnson to be their new Family Consumer Science and 4-H Agent.

Johnson moved to Chinook from Minnesota earlier this month, and says what drew her to the position was its flexibility in adapting programs to fit people’s needs.

Johnson explains what her first few weeks have entailed and what she plans on doing for the community moving forward.

“I’ve been getting food handler classes and the food safety stuff set up. It’s kind of been the main focus. Looking at also some mental health, which we see as big needs in the area. Also just learning the ropes with the 4-H program”

Johnson also gave us a quick look at what she and her colleagues will be up to the next few weeks.

“In a couple weeks, we’re going to be going to the Fort Belknap mid-winter fair on a day when they are going to be doing a lot of the canning and preserving things. So getting to see how things work there and helping out with that.  And a couple of food handler things are scheduled and in the works.”

Johnson urges anyone who has any needs or wants more information to contact them at 357-3200.

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