Senator Tester Holds Facebook Live COVID-19 Q&A


HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – Senator Jon Tester held an online COVID-19 meeting Friday, April 3 and provided answers to questions posed by attendees.

Can unemployed Montana residents still receive $600 a week for unemployment?

Yes, Montana residents will receive that $600 a week for unemployment…there has been an incredibly significant increase in unemployment insurance claims as a result of this outbreak. There are some delays on phone lines but stay diligent and you’ll get through.

I’m part of a high-risk population. Can I safely go to grocery stores for necessary items?

Yes, you can. I would also say though, be careful. And I think there is opportunity out there, if you live in a small town often times those grocery stores will deliver to your door step, and if you live in a bigger town often times you can pull in in your pickup, and they’ll put it in the back end of your pickup and you don’t have to worry about getting in close contact with the folks.

I’ve got a neighbor stranded in Argentina. What is being done to help Americans overseas being stuck in countries with closed borders?

If you’ve got a loved one traveling abroad and they’re having trouble getting back to the U.S. please contact my office. We are currently in touch with about 75 Montanans at this moment in time, either living, or traveling abroad or on a cruise ship. Many of those folks are not having any luck getting a hold of our embassies are state department. So, my staff is working directly with those families  and working with the state department to try to get this stuff nailed down. 

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