St. Mary Rehabilitation Working Group Fall 2023 Projects

(Havre) – With the St. Mary Rehabilitation Working Group giving fall updates New Media Broadcasters Sat down with their coordinator Dave Peterson to ask what the St. Mary Rehabilitation Working Group is.

“Well, the St. Mary Rehabilitation Working Group is a group that was put together in the early 2000’s to help rehabilitate the St. Mary diversion and conveyance work up on the national park and it is the water that is brought down from the St. Mary’s River into the Milk River and that is what the irrigators along the highline form Havre to Glasgow use to do their irrigation for their crops and this was all constructed in about 1915 and again it is for bringing water from the St. Mary’s River down to the Milk River.”

We also asked what projects St. Mary is working on.

“The current projects that we have going on with the St. Mary’s and what we call the Milk River Project now is we are doing some rehabilitation at Fresno and that project is an embankment damn modification and we are putting in the watering system right now and also doing some vertical sand filter trenches out there. So, what stems from that is the Safety of Dams project from the Bureau of Reclamation. The second project that we are working on is the construction of a new diversion dam up on the St. Mary’s River up near Babb. The current facility has been there for a hundred years and is in need of repairs so that project will include building a low head diversion dam and rock ramp for upstream passage. We’re going to construct a new headworks structure along with a canal fish screen and a check structure down stream of the screen and then a fish bypass and along with a new maintenance control building up there.”

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