State Bar of Montana to Host Citizens Law School

(NMB) The State Bar of Montana will be hosting a Citizens’ Law School every Wednesday night in October and November. Hill County Attorney Lacey Lincoln says it’s a great opportunity for people to learn about specific areas of Montana Law and increase awareness of our legal system. “The State Bar has made it a mission to really educate the public about what Lawyers and Judges do all day, and this Citizens’ Law School is just that. It’s their attempt at reaching out to the larger community to et them know what we do.”


Sessions will be held from 6:30pm to 7:30pm each Wednesday in October and November. People can view the sessions via zoom, or public viewing’s will be held in the Timmons Room of the Hill County Courthouse. Citizens’ Law School session one will be Wednesday October 5th and Lincoln says it will focus on Ag and Water Law. “I’m really excited because our first one is Water and Ag Law. I can’t think of anything better for Hill County to talk about than Water and Ag Law, that’s what we do.”


For a complete schedule of all eight sessions of Citizens’ Law School visit the Community Calendar section of our New Media Broadcasters website. Hi Line today dot com.

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