Superintendent Gum talks on school tax ask.

(Havre) Havre residents will soon receive ballots via mail from Havre Public Schools asking for approval on a mill levy, that is, asking the citizens to raise their own taxes, in order to provide more funding for the school.

HPS is asking for the maximum amount that they can, and New Media Broadcasters spoke with Superintendent of Havre Public School Brian Gum to ask why they chose to ask for that amount.

“Large costs that accelerated in terms of amounts to pay for all of our employees insurance. So, insurance costs really jumped up significantly to the tune of over 16%, so that’s a big one. There’s also technology pieces that go into this, right, staying updated with everything that we need to in terms of providing students with Chromebooks, teachers with computers, all of those costs go up significantly, as well as district licensing.”

Gum says that the school is generating income in other ways as well, namely grant funding, which he says to minimize the burden on taxpayers as much as possible.

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