Sweet Memorial Nursing Home to Hold COVID-19 Parade July 3rd

CHINOOK, Mont. (NMB) – Sweet Memorial Nursing Home is holding a COVID-19 Parade Friday, July 3.

Sweet Home Administrator Rebecca Shackelford said they’ve been closed to visitors for over three months now and they wanted their residents to have the opportunity to say hi to family and friends.

“I’ve heard of other facilities that have done this, where family members or friends of residents can come participate in a parade that will basically be a driving through our parking lot kind of parade. This will give them a chance to wave and say hi and give the residents a little bit of something they’ve been missing for a while.”

Shackelford said that despite Governor Bullock’s announcement last week that nursing homes may have visitors they won’t be allowing any visitors until their test results come back.

“We just want to stress that right now we are waiting on our test results that we’re conducting this week and then we will formulate a plan to figure out whether or not we can go back to having visitors. We’re just being very cautious due to the guidelines we have to follow and because we care about our residents.”

Shackelford said this weekend the parade will be a drive-thru event and people can start lining up at 1:30 p.m. south of the facility on Airport Road.

For more information call 357-2549

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