The Reason Animal Shelters are Overpopulated

Chinook is experiencing a nationwide problem. According to Alissa Hewitt the director of Paws of Chinook animal shelters across the nation have been overpopulated.

“The problem that virtually every shelter, every foster, every rescue program is dealing with is just overpopulation across the board. Everybody is dealing with this issue. We believe that a lot of that is because of Covid of course. We were not spared from the effects of Covid because we were not able to have spade or neuter clinics for a few years. You really feel the effects of that if you even miss one year of clinic. You really see the fluctuation. The numbers really go up once you can’t do that. So, I think that was definitely part of the problem.”-Alissa Hewitt

Despite that the Paws of Chinook shelter is full they have still been finding other ways to help.

“Right now, we’ve been over capacity for a full year now. So, we can’t take any dogs in, but we’ve been able to help with vaccinations and we still do spay neuter assistance for people. I have been able to do some courtesy posting on social media to try to get homes for dogs that we don’t have enough room for. So, we find other ways to help even if we can’t bring them here into the shelter.”-Alissa Hewitt

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