The Remaining Chamber Prize Winners

The Havre Chamber of Commerce hosted many fun Christmas events over the weekend. However, because of the cold weather the Chamber still has a lot of the button prize winnings and super certificates. Jessica Fagerbakke, the Chamber Director explains more.

“It did get cold though, so by the time we got to the tree lighting it was really cold and it took a long time to get all those prizes out for the kiddos and so when we got to the super certificate and the button prizes, we decided to pull an audible cause our microphone wasn’t working, it was too cold for that, and people were getting really cold and needed to leave. So, we only drew one number for each of the prizes, so we still have a lot of super certificates and a lot of the button winning baskets so what we are going to do is draw more numbers here at the Chamber. So please check our Facebook page for those numbers and if you still have your button and you are a winner come on into the Havre Chamber because we have all these super certificates and all these baskets that we really want to get out into the community. We don’t want to hold onto them we to get them out and have people use those gift certificates, help them out for the holidays and get them to shop local.”– Jessica Fagerbakke

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