The Tractor Revolution Happening in Havre

A Havre based company is addressing a worldwide issue. Big Equipment Company president Ron Harmon explains the current problem with tractors worldwide.

“Well, the way it is today these tractors and other pieces of Ag equipment have got very complicated with master computer systems that are only controlled by the underlying manufacturer or its dealer, so we feel that we need to put the farmer back in control.”-Ron Harmon

He continues to explain his current partnership with Rome Plow and how they plan to build a tractor that farmers can repair.

“We want to build in service ability with fold up cabs, and skid systems, and no one is doing that, so we think this is the way to go. It is largely possible to do this because of Rome Plow. They have the capability, they have a large dealer network around North America as well as in many countries overseas, and they really want a tractor that they can see get fixed and repaired in the future. So, they are our partner and they’re helping make this production possible.”-Ron Harmon

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