The Trouble with Montana Nursing Homes

U.S. SENATE – According to the Montana Health Care Association, since 2021, Montana has seen the closure of 11 nursing homes, and in 2022 alone, the state lost more than 850 nursing home beds.

Now the federal government plans to implement minimum staffing ratios for nursing homes.

Montana Senator Daines and Senator Tester joined a group of bipartisan senators to express concerns with the Biden administration’s plans to issue staffing mandates for nursing homes. The group of senators are urging the Administration to address the severe workforce shortages facing rural Montana and ensure Montana seniors have access to quality, long-term care.

The group wrote, “We fear a one-size-fits-all staffing mandate would undermine access to care for patients, particularly in rural communities. Instead, we urge you to work with Congress and rural stakeholders on tailored solutions that address the severe workforce challenges in our states’ underserved areas.”

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