Two Chiropractors pay $450,000 following Medicaid Fraud Settlement

(Helena) – Two chiropractors in Kalispell have agreed to pay the State $450,000 for restitution to settle allegations of Medicaid fraud.

Cody C. Basler and Erik M. Lund of submitted claims to the Montana Medicaid program for treatment that was not “medically necessary,” as defined by the State of Montana, from May of 2017 to December of 2021.

Basler and Lund are not admitting to wrongdoing, however, both are repaying the money to Montana Medicaid. Basler agreed to pay a total of $300,000. The majority, $267,000, will reimburse the Montana Medicaid program. Lund agreed to pay a total of $150,000 of which $87,000 will reimburse Montana Medicaid.

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