Unimaginable Success at Dog Adoption Event

The Paws of Chinook adoption event was a successful as it possibly could be. Alissa Hewitt the Director for Paws of Chinook was left speechless at the results of the event.

“I cannot find the words to describe how amazing Havre and its surrounding areas people really are. We went into it with eleven puppies, six of them from inside the shelter, five from a gentleman that we were just helping trying to get his dogs adopted and we came home with zero dogs, and of course that’s always what you want to see in a situation like this but none of us ever dreamed that we could have even come close to this today. It was really incredible.”– Alissa Hewitt

Now that all eleven dogs brought to the event were adopted Alissa explains what’s next at the shelter.

“And so now we come back, and we work on the dogs that are going to really benefit from some better one on one time, because it’s tough to do that with puppies running around so now, we go back, and we start really putting our heads together and figuring out how do we make the rest of these dogs adoptable. How do we get them as comfortable as possible?”-Alissa Hewitt

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