US Attorney Jesse Laslovich talks on Havre arrests

(Havre) Sentencing is still on going for 3 individuals arrested for distributing both meth and fentanyl in the Havre community, with one of the alleged already having been handed an 8 year prison sentence.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with US Attorney Jesse Laslovich to talk more about this as a federally prosecuted case, who says he couldn’t have done it without Havre Police.

“These cases come to us due to the great work of our partners, both our federal partners and state local partners. Specifically, in this case, the Havre police department who really ran the lead in this case and the other two tied to it. Typically with these drug trafficking cases the way they work is we get tips, we have folks in the field who are either sources for us or informants and there’s a tip and we start investigating and that’s what happened here.”

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