Vande Bogart Library Roof Damage Assessment

HAVRE, MONT – While the damage around Havre is believed to be minor the roof at the MSU- Northern Vande Bogart Library did see damage as a viral video on social media showed the roof coming off. University relations director Jim Potter says “We are in the preliminary steps of that really, so it will take some time to get that cleaned up as quickly as possible, but we’re optimistic that we can get it back and online as quickly as possible.”  Potter was able to give us an explanation of how it was possible for the wind to peel the roof off’. “Some mechanical fasteners appeared to have failed and made it possible for the wind to get under that membrane and peel it off. The damage does appear to be in that main entry way and it appears to be three distinct area within that main entry way.” Faculty and staff did evacuate the building when they noticed the situation and there were no injures reported from this incident. New Media Broadcasters will be keeping you up to date as this story continues to be developed.

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