Violent Crime Detective Speaks on Cartels in Montana

Montana Detective Guy Baker who specializes in violent crime has an interesting perspective on cartel influence in America.

“So obviously the narcotics distribution into Montana and several communities has a gang influence and, in many cases, where you have Hispanic gangsters at least in western Montana, the source cities are primarily Washington and California, so those Hispanic gangsters will commonly kind of allude to having cartel connections to put fear in people that they deal with. That’s been pretty common, but for the last four- or five-years America in general does not realize the stronghold that cartels currently have and have made over the last years in American cities. It’s no longer where they’re south of the border and they’re distributing to Americans in these cities. They are going to cartels in these cities, and cartels are making a much bigger influence in America. There was just a story, just two weeks ago by the Montana DOJ out of Butte an investigation out of Butte which was an interstate drug conspiracy and it involved cartel members who were prosecuted and sentenced in the federal system. So, there are recent documentation of cartel influence directly in Montana being one of the states farthest from the southern border.” -Guy Baker

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