Wall Climbing at Havre Middle School

The Havre Middle School eighth grade students are doing an exciting rock climbing program. Havre Middle School PE teacher Kari Filius explains the program.

“We have a wall climbing unit that we do for the eighth graders at the middle school, and we have two guest teachers that come in and help us, and they have been wall climbing and rock climbing forever. So, they come in so that we have more kids up on the wall and the kids get more opportunities, and it’s the only wall climbing area in Havre. So, these kids are very fortunate that we are able to do that here and we take about a month out of the PE program for the eighth graders to wall climb.” –Kari Filius

She continues to explain what the students are able to learn from the wall climbing experience.

“Most of the kids are very afraid of heights, and very afraid of being up there. They don’t trust wall climbing because they’ve never done it. They don’t understand it. So, I think they learn to trust each other, they trust the person, the belayer, which is Pam or Dave, sometimes I do it. They learn how to trust someone, and they learn that they can conquer something that they are afraid of.” –Kari Filius

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