Wendland given deferred sentence, ordered restitution.

(Blaine County) In a notable decision by Blaine County District Court, Jasper Wendland has been ordered to pay substantial restitution without facing jail time for his involvement in a 2022 incident that resulted in nearly half a million dollars in damage to farming equipment.

The court mandated Wendland to pay nearly $40,000 to the Gasvoda family and $3,700 to Blaine County. However, it declined to impose restitution for the $481,000 claimed by Chubb Agribusiness Insurance Company, highlighting the possibility of civil court action for recovery.

Judge Olivia Rieger said that this is a deffered sentence, meaning that if the terms of this deferment aren’t followed, Wendland could face the full brunt of a 10 year maximum penalty.

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