Why the Tech Hub will Focus on Optic Technologies

(Havre) – With Montana securing a new Regional Tech Hub from the Economic Development Administration New Media Broadcaster sat down with Senator Jon Tester to ask what Optic Technologies are and why the Tech Hub will focus on that.

“It’s basically nonhuman eyeballs these are sensors that can see. It’s use in the national defense realm is unlimited quite frankly its used with autonomous vehicles that are coming down the pipe we’re seeing some already that is a new game changer. I think all over the country whether you live in a rural area or an urban area. And then in the area of infrastructure or tech security, we’re talking about, you know if you got a building that needs to be secure than we use this technology to make sure bad guys aren’t doing bad things to your business its really important. and then I will also say that there’s going to be more uses down the line that I haven’t even thought of but those are three areas right now today that we are using smart optical sensors and can use better technology in those areas.”

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