Will Events in Chinook November 24th Clash with Havre

(Havre) – On Friday November 24th Chinook will be hosting the Parade of Lights and the Wreath Festival along with several other events. Laine Jergesen the Media Liaison for the Chinook Chamber of Commerce answers the question if all the events are through, the chamber of commerce.

“Well, the Chamber of commerce is the one that sponsors the event and then the community just kind of comes together and kind of all does their part. So, each one of the places participate, each one of the businesses downtown here. It’s just really a great community event and all the business owners and everybody from town just kind of comes out and supports everybody. It’s a great time.”

She also answers the question if the Chinook holiday events will clash with Havre’s holiday events.

“I would not say so. This is a one-day event I would think that if people wanted to come down to Chinook on the 24th and then enjoy Havre festivities on the 25th I should think they’d be able to do it all.”

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