Holiday Village Mall Hosts Quilt and Craft Shows for Festival Days

(Havre) – The Holiday Village Mall will be hosting the Hi-Line Guild Quilt Show and the Craft and Vendor shows during Havre Festival days. Jenna Holt with events and marketing for Holiday Village Mall talks about the Quilt show that will be running from the 15th to the 17th.

The Hi-line Quilt Guild is having their quilt show in the old Famous Footwear location at the Holiday Village Mall. They are going to be featuring and having quilts on display from members of the quilt Guild and community members. They’re also going to be featuring Suzanne Huston’s quilt collection, which will be their special event, they’re also going to be selling raffle tickets for the Feed My Sheep Food Kitchen. So, they’ll also have that going on at the same time.

She continues by talking about the Craft and Vendor show that will be taking place on September 16th.

So right now, we have over 40 vendors signed up to participate in this show. Specifically, when we have a show that size, we spread them out throughout the entire mall. They’ll also be in the annex so they will be spread out everywhere in the mall and we just encourage you to stop in and check them out and we will have our merchants also having sales, so there’ll be a lot of things going on.

She followed it by talking about how many vendors they currently have.

“We have Over 40 signed up right now, and usually the week of, we have a few more additions so I’m sure it’ll be close to 50 when it’s all said and done.”

She then talks about registration for the event.

“People can still register for spots in the show up until Friday. We would like you to register as early as possible to be able to accommodate anybody if they have any special requests but yes we’ll take registrations up until Friday morning.”

She finishes by talking about the impact these shows have on the mall.

“So, the traffic from these shows definitely gives exposure to our building and it and it also highlights the merchants that we have in the mall as well. But the biggest thing, I think for the merchants themselves is we have the space to be able to present their products in a visually impactful way. So, I think the whole thing is beneficial for everybody from the building itself to the merchants we have in the building and then to the vendors, it benefits everybody.”

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