Steve Heil Memorial Car Show 2023

(Havre) – On September 15th during the Havre Festival Days Events the Steve Heil Memorial Car Show will be held at 3rd Street Downtown form 5:30 to 9pm. Ryan Albertson a Co- Host of the Car Show talks about the event.

“So, this Started 10 years ago in memory of my father-in-law who was locally pretty well known among us car people and after he passed away my wife and I decided that we needed to put something together in his honor. So, we started the car show in memory of him and again were in our tenth year, its free to the public, its free to the people who bring their cars. We hold it on Friday night of festival days as kind of a, not really a kickoff for festival days were our own entity we just happen to hold it during festival days.”

He went on to talk about whether there would be an contests at the show.

We do a people’s choice but other than that it’s not really a competition. We have some family members that walk around and give out pieces of paper to the public so that they can vote on what they think is the best car at the show. beyond that it’s just a laid back bring your car beer are life people come and have a look at the cars. Normally in the past we had Fat Billy and the Boys Barbecue trailer or food truck, whatever you want to call it. Of course, he’s not doing it anymore so this year we have the Stack, so they’ll be serving or have food available for people to buy if they choose if they’re hungry. So, we’ll be trying to have a little bit of food there and other than that it’s just a laid-back easy-going thing.”

He continued by talking about the turn out for the event.

“You know we range somewhere in the 80’s, we’ll call it an average of 80 cars each year in the rain we got down to 30 about but we still had thirty people show up in the rain the one year we had some rain. We’ve had up to 120 cars it just kinda depends on what’s going on and we got a lot of people attending football games which is phenomenal. I think we have a pretty good turn out for the time of year.”

He finished by answering if people needed to register to show off their car.

Just bring it on down and show it off, we originally did registration and we found that it is actually easier to just have people show up and then as the cars show up, I give them a little number to put inside of their window and that is how we get the people’s choice. That’s how people can vote for the which car they like the best. We just give a number there’s no actual registration anymore. It just got to be where my wife couldn’t really enjoy the show because she was sitting at a registration table the whole time. And I have to throw out there too that we’ve been getting most of this week and for the last couple weeks we’ve been getting some local business that have been donating door prizes all week long and we have a pretty good selection. So, we’ll be giving them out along the way as well.”

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