A Housing Solution

(Helena)- A large fund has been secured to build affordable housing in Montana. With rising inflation studies have shown some Montana’s are having trouble paying the rent. Especially those living on a fixed income.

To help with the tough economic conditions the Montana department of Commerce announced more than $31 million in federal housing tax credits have been allocated by the Montana Board of Housing for five communities to preserve or build 279 affordable homes.

The communities to receive the new housing are; Butte, Crow Agency, Great Falls, Libby, and Missoula.

Commerce Director Scott Osterman said, ‘The projects that were selected by the Board will have a meaningful impact for Montana families, seniors, and Tribal members looking for affordable housing in their communities.”

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  1. Missoula definitely needs affordable housing. People on fixed incomes and public assistance cannot get into housing because of exorbitant rental pricing, even young people who are trying to establish a rental history are finding it impossible to do so.

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