A Personalized Approach to Education with Superintendent Arntzen

State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen has a unique approach to addressing the challenges and changes within Montana schools. In order to hear about both the problems and their potential solutions State superintendent Elsie Arntzen is hosting community conversations across the state.

According to Superintendent Arntzen a personalized approach is critical both within the classroom, and when working to find educational solutions across Montana.

“How do you personalize education when it’s been an industry model where the bells ring, the class seats are filled teacher is at the front of the classroom, everybody opens to the same page, you take a test over everything that was just taught, and students may not be ready. Students may not recognize; the teacher may not recognize. So, recognizing solutions right now is why I’m doing these community conversations, because one size does not fit all in education, in a classroom of 20 nor does it fit in a very large state like Montana.”-Elsie Arntzen

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