An Underground Christmas Tradition

After a two year long break the Havre Beneath the Streets is bringing back their underground holiday stroll.

Christi Owens the Havre Underground office manager has the details.

“The Havre Beneath the Streets is bringing back the Holiday Stroll. We took a break for a couple of years, but we’re bringing it back this year. Beneath the streets has actually been decorated down there by some volunteers, as well as we had a girl scout troop that came in and volunteered their time, and it’s just an opportunity for the community members to come in. The tickets are going to be five dollars for adults, three dollars for kids aged four to twelve and three and under is free. It will be a chance to come in and stroll through the underground while it’s decorated. There’re no tours that are going to be available during that time, so no tour necessary and you can just wander through at your own pace and we’re going to have some treats down there.”– Christy Owens

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