Biggest Dinosaur Discovered in Montana

A team of paleontologist recently discovered the biggest dinosaur to be found in Montana.

Nate Murphy the Director of the Judith River Dinosaur Institute explains more.

“We were working near the Little Snowy Mountains, and we had been fortunate enough to work on a jurassic dinosaur graveyard with stegosaurs and the big long neck sauropods, and we actually here finished up excavating the largest dinosaur ever found in Montana, which is a haplocanthosaurus, and he’ll come in at around 100 to 115 feet long.” -Nate Murphy

Nate continues to explain what is happening now with the beloved dinosaur known as Big Monty.

“We excavated him in the Little Snowy Mountains, started in 2016 and finished up just as covid hit. So, we’re still working on him here at our lab facility in Billings.”  -Nate Murphy

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