BigSky Passenger Rail Service Turns 3-years Old

(Havre) – With Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority reaching its 3rd anniversary New Media Broadcasters sat down with Dave Strohmaier Chairman of the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority to talk about what Big Sky does.

“Yeah, the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority is the largest transportation district in the state of Montana we are comprised of 20 counties stretching all the way from Idaho to the North Dakota boarder and we are focused on strengthening the existing passenger rail service in the state of Montana and also expanding passenger rail service through parts of the state that have been without passenger rial service for over 4 decades.”

We also asked how the rail service first started.

“So, we were officially established on November 18th, 2020, and what this basically grew out of is the realization over the past 44 years that trying the same thing and expecting different results is not getting the job done. Up until then we’ve basically been doing what we have been doing for decade. And that is Portions of the passenger rail service had been through individual communities and advocacy groups pushing for restored passenger rail service and that just and that just didn’t get the job done. So, what we realized in 2018/2019 was that there was a law in the books in the state of Montana and that law allowed counties and only counties to come together and establish regional rail authorities.”

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