Blaine County Fair 4H Returns in Abundance



Among the many attractions that will be at the Blaine County Fair, visitors can look forward to a full docket of 4H activities that are scheduled to return.

Juli Snedigar, the Blaine County Ag and 4H MSU-extension agent, says participants and buyers should expect to see the shows and sales in an outdoor setting.

“We’ll have shade and some cooler grass to be around. It’s just going to be a really fun time and do everything we can to keep everyone fed and hope everyone comes see us at the fair.”

4H events began at 10am Tuesday with the horse show at the George Ortner arena. On Wednesday is the judging for indoor projects. Thursday there will be the small animal shows throughout the day and the market animal weigh-in will be later that afternoon. On Friday there will be the swine show starting at 8am, followed by the sheep show at one. The horse showmanship contest will be at 3pm. On Saturday  at 8am will be the beef show and one o clock will be the round robin showmanship contest. Then the livestock sale will be at 2pm.

Snedigar says this year’s 4H participants numbers are up this year.

“In our horse show we’re are going around 25 participants. In small animals which depends on species but we’ve got about 30 kids with exhibits in our small animal shows. In swine we have over kids that will be submitting their projects. Between our marketing and breeding we will have about 15 sheep projects. With beef breeding and market beef we’ll probably have around 50 animals. Fort the livestock sale we’re looking at 8 lambs, 43 pigs, and 23 beef.”

For a complete list of Blaine County Fair schedule of events

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