Chinook-Based Farmers Create Montana Hemp Co-Op

CHINOOK, Mont. (NMB) – A group of Chinook-based producers have created the Montana Hemp Cooperative to help develop the industry. Steering Committee member Katon Gerky says their goal is to build a facility in Chinook to process hemp in all of its forms. He says right now, there are very few places to process hemp in the state

“But nothing for the more industrial side of the plant, which is absolutely huge. I mean the fiber, the hurd, the seed, I mean. There’s so many different uses for this plant and no one’s doing anything with it. So, see a need, fill a need, and we saw the need.”

Gerky says hemp can be very profitable, but there are few processors around the country.

“Nationally, there is only a very small number of places that are actually, actively processing hemp. And so, when you look at big names like, say Levi’s or Patagonia that are currently making clothing out of hemp fiber, they’re importing most of their fiber.”

Gerky says that membership in the Montana Hemp Co-Op is not limited to Blaine County and any hemp producer in Montana can join their group. They hope to sell stock for membership and investment purposes soon.

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