Chinook’s Big Decision

New improvements may soon be coming to Chinook. The Friends of the Pools and Park Foundation is working on passing a bond to fund pool improvements and repairs. Additionally, if the bond passes Chinook Pools and Parks may then apply for a million-dollar grant to fully fund projects at both the pool and parks.

Heather DePriest the spokesperson for the Friends of the Pools and Park Foundation explains more.

“So, the pool was built in 1976 it’s 47 years old and it’s starting to see some significant deterioration and we want to prevent any further failure to the pool. So, we’re asking the community to pass a $750,000 bond to help initiate the progress on fixing that. It will be $50 per year or less per home, mobile home, or business, and we just really hope that the community understands how important this is.”– Heather DePriest

Heather continues to explain the voting process for the bond.

“So, the mail in ballots will be sent out on I believe the 17th of January, so people in the community should be receiving them between the 18th and the 20th, and more or less they will have the ability to check the box for yes that they want this or no that they don’t.”-Heather DePriest

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