City Giving Away Bottles of Water Saturday

(Havre) NMB – With the ongoing water boil advisory in effect, the Havre City Council will be handing out cases of water across town on Saturday, May 11th. New Media Broadcasters spoke with Lindsey Ratliff, the President of the Havre City Council and she explained what triggered this response.

“So, after the nearly 3-hour long meeting on Monday night, i think most of the Council members came away with the feeling that there’s people that are hurting out in our community and we want to make sure we affirm our commitment to caring for our community members. So, first thing we thought about was those that are more vulnerable. We had some people talk about their families and their kids or the elderly and having access to bottled water. So, we thought this was a fairly easy thing that we could do. We all got together through messaging and decided to set up 4 different stations, one in each of our wards.”-Ratliff

The water distribution locations will be held in each of Havre’s four city wards including Memorial Park next to 6th Avenue Field, Optimist Park, Deaconess Park, and Pepin Park. Ratliff shares the bottled water distribution plan and if extra cases remain, what those plans are.

We’ve gotten quite a few donations. We’ll actually probably have a trailer full of cases of water. The goal is to give a case of water to whatever family stops and needs it. If we have extras, our plan is to go to some of our more vulnerable neighborhoods, people who maybe don’t have access to transportation as easily to get to Walmar or IGA and maybe even drop a few off at HRDC or the Soup Kitchen.”-Ratliff

Each location will have the same distribution hours, which are 9-10am on Saturday, May 11. For more information, you can reach out to Ratliff at (406) 590-8835 or councilwoman Heather Parker at (406) 399-1413.


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