City of Havre rejuvenates push for residents to register for “Code Red” cell phone app.

(Havre) The City of Havre is hoping to implement a way to communicate directly to its residents.

This app, called “Code Red”, has been used by the county and city for some time now, but the city is hoping to rejuvenate interest and push for residents to register.

New Media Broadcasters spoke with Captain Ryan Pearson of the Havre Police Department for more information.

“Code Red is a program that we’ve had in effect for a while. It’s been revamped, and so we are asking people to look into putting Code Red onto their phones, registering for the program as its an emergency notification system. This will be through the Hill County Sheriff’s Office, the Havre Police Department, and the Hill County 911 Board”

He said that this system would not be meant to replace the radio or newspaper, but rather to be another avenue of information for the public in the event of disasters and other emergencies, such as the ongoing boil water advisory afflicting Havre.

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